Home Design with Green Area That can be Seen from the Living room

The house is designed with a very simple but still elegant, featuring a courtyard that can be enjoyed from inside the house. It could be an idea for you who want a house with a yard that looks out of the house. The display in the home are also arranged in neat, we could see the sofas, bookcases, chairs for relaxing and a variety of other furniture.

Unique and Exclusive Home Designs

For indoors color white is the color that dominates and brown for the most part, just as the stairs and the bedroom floor. Below we can see the stairs there is a seat reserved for just relaxing and reading a book.

To be able to enjoy the atmosphere in the terrace garden, the house is designed with glass in their particular section, so that people who are in the house can enjoy the atmosphere while relaxing terrace.

In addition to simple, home design also looks expensive as some of the equipment that is in it, as well as a terrace garden at home.

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This light, bright London home was envisioned by Scenario Architecture.