Designing a Bedroom with Fan

Between boys and girls is not only the physical differences, the provision of facilities for all of their needs are generally also different. For instance for the bedroom facilities, many striking differences, especially concerning the design and type of furniture that is applied to their bedroom. Girls room design is more synonymous with femininity both in terms of the model and coloring.

How to put ceiling fan for children bedroom.
Ceiling fan for bedroom interior.

Character cheerful daughter always shown in their daily life. It is often inspire parents in their daughter’s bedroom design is represented by bright colors. The dominance of bright colors are usually applied on the theme of their bedroom. Themes figures in the television series are generally the most preferred girls like Walt Disney, Hello Kitty, and animated figures that often they watch. So if you want to designing a bedroom , theme and color into two elements that are important to note.

Not a Private Room

Not only boys, sometimes girls also have a very active nature where they often invite their friends to play in the room. From this we can conclude that for girl, the bedroom is not merely a private room in this room anyway because they often interact with their peer. So for the accessories and furniture in the girls room should consider the child’s habit. For example, by creating a multifunctional room where the room serves for a place to rest or sleep as a playground for them.

The theme is an important factor when determining girls designing bedroom . Themes such as colorful flowers, cute cartoon characters usually suit the tastes of girls who like to imagine. But that is not one of determining the theme, you should first ask the child about what theme they like. It takes a while for color accuracy, where parents have to really understand the character of the child. Although in the case of children of color tastes vary, but generally girls tend to like bright and soft colors such as red, navy blue, pink, orange, or yellow. The combination of multiple colors can be applied to the design of the room so as to create room girls were impressed energetic and cheerful.

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