Choosing the color of Pillows for the Couch decoration

The first thing many people do when sitting on the bed is looking for a pillow. They are looking for a lap pillow, or to lean when sitting. Yes very true, cushions on the couch is not only functional but also serves as a display for added comfort when we sit down. In addition to Choosing the color of pillows on the seat on the couch can also provide a new color in your living room. But there are some factors you should consider when you want to add as decoration on a sofa cushion in your living room, because if you add any origin in the couch cushions, then it will only worsen the atmosphere in your living room.

Simple design pillow for bedroom
Best Pillow design for bedroom interior

Here are the things you need to make decorating pillows in your living room.

Number and Size of Pillow

To determine the amount of pillows that you can use in the sofa seat, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the room and the sofa chair cushions will give your decor. Usually the amount of cushion that can be used are odd multiples. Odd number is chosen because it is usually a long sofa chair was designed for or occupied by 3 people 5 people. Rare sofa chair designed to seat 4 or 6 people.

Form and Motif Pillow

The next thing you need to consider is the form you’ll use a pillow on the couch. You can use various forms of pillows available, because there is no specific thing that you need to pay attention to the selection of pillows. Then the motif pillow. If your room is a modern room, the pillows with geometric patterns is the right choice for you. It would be better if you choose a pillow that uses materials of comfortable fabric on the skin and also rough.

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