Create beautiful Bookcase for personal Library

If you have a hobby of reading books, probably will collect a lot of books of various types of reading, is not it? To keep the books in order to keep good condition and not worn, it would require a bookcase in your personal library.

bookcase storage

To make it you can use a simple design, where the bookcase is made of boards that have been smoothed course. And do not forget the paint with the color you like. The size and model of the bookcase that you can customize yourself, such as what is desired.

design for bookcase model


nice bookcase design interior

Average shape of a bookcase is neatly arranged boxes tailored to the size of the book in general. There is some insulation in it which serves to separate the book to be easy to set it up. You can put the bookcase in the bedroom, or personal room where you often take the time to read the book.

simple bookcase design

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