The Best Modern Wardrobe Interior Design Ideas

Modern Wardrobe With A TV In The Door; A wardrobe is a standing closet used for storing clothes. Name of the closet and then given to a room where the walls were filled with cupboards and lockers, the drawer of a relatively modern invention. From past cabinets have many types and models. The size is also a wide range, from small to large. Some have drawers, equipped with glass, where the hanging clothes are more modern and even more equipped with TV.

Most of the wardrobe into one room with a bed. And now the latest solution to a wardrobe. These cabinets are equipped with TV with a stylish modern bedrooms and practical.

TV 32 inches with high definition entertainment seamlessly integrated with the projection of the door. DAMA TV combined with a cupboard door Presotto Italy is just the product. Connecting cable fitted neatly along the inside of the door and reach the top of Nowhere wardrobe, through specific mechanisms. So you can enjoy entertainment on your TV with comfortable without any interference.

The combination of colors used black and white make this room elegant and assertive. The more visible an exclusive, casual and modern. It is not only a wardrobe that serves to store clothing alone but more than that.

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