The concept of Natural modern House patio

If likened to the structure of the human body, as part of the terrace face shape so easy to recognize. So good or bad all depends on the face shape of her treatment. Likewise with minimalist house patio, needed a special design to make it look comfortable and pleasing to the eye because the patio is part of the first people see when visit. By looking at the design of the patio, generally one can directly deduce the characteristics of the room in the house.

Good patio design for natural home.
Patio for modern home.

Generally divided into 3 kinds of patio designs are distinguished by position, the front house patio, side porch and rear patio. For the front porch is usually often used as a second living room, where the place is usually used to receive guests. Side patio is usually used to relax by the entire family.

This place is also home residents their hobbies, such as maintaining bird cage placed in several. The side porch is usually only found in homes that have a large spacious enough. While generally the back porch to the privacy of its activities, exercise such as yoga, gymnastics, and others.

To reinforce the minimalist elements, maybe we could use a creamy white color combination with a touch of gray to strengthen accent. Especially for the gray accents we can try new innovative use of natural stone in the wall of the porch. So the impression of monotony no longer looks like when we use the color of the wall paint.

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