Common Causes of a Blocked Drain

Nobody likes the thought of clogged pipes. Encountering blocked drains is a usual problem faced by most families and it can be a costly and time-consuming matter to fix if not approached correctly.

Finding and fixing a drain clog seems a pretty simple task. But, it can be very complicated depending on where clogging is present, what it is made of and how to reach and exclude it.

If you have a clogged drain, you should comprehend what sort of drain it is. Is it trench or stormwater? The blocked sewers, which create the most concern and nuisance, are those inside the house when working the connections in the kitchen, showers, and washing. These will be attached to your drainpipe. Major drain blockages will need the expertise of a plumber Carnegie to eliminate the difficulty. You may also be ready to stop the clogging from happening with a few sustaining tips.

Common Causes Of A Blocked Drain

If you have encountered predicaments with clogged sewers and blocked pipes, and are querying how to limit future recurrences, have a peek at the subsequent list of common causes of drain blockage.


Hair is one of the most usual reasons for drain blockages in Pittsburgh homes. It usually clogs bathroom basins, bathtubs, spas, and laundry. Hair is an especially notable cause of drain problems because of its capacity to trap and stick to other sorts of rubble, like soapsuds, lubricant, and dust. The most effective way to stop hair clogging in your drains is to safeguard your drain holes with defenders and check to wash regularly. Otherwise, you can also get the professional service of drain cleaning in Pittsburgh.


Toilet paper build-up is another cause of blocked drains. When used in excess numbers, toilet paper can lead to clogs and restrict your toilet from flushing well. A toilet paper blockage can be fixed by working a plunger, toilet auger, or drain cleaner. These home fixes are achievable only if water still flows in your toilet while flushing. If your toilet overflows without draining, nevertheless, you will require asking a licensed plumber Carnegie for drain cleaning in Pittsburgh.


Food waste is a natural outcome of regular kitchen preparations, but if it finishes up in the kitchen drain, it could create severe blockages. Even if your pantry washbasin has a litter check, you should never rinse food excess down the drain. Food products that don’t tear down, such as coffee and tea leaves, are particularly questionable for your pipes. Fertilizer containers are an alternate method to get rid of food scraps. If the drain blockages cannot be removed with usual kitchen DIY’s, you should hire a professional service of Drain cleaning in Pittsburgh.


A common reason for obvious drain blockages is a build-up of dust, leaves and weeds. The most reliable way to counter this obstacle is to keep your drain holes clear of the wreckage and cover them with grids. A shallow drain blockage of this type can be cleared at home, but more profound clogging requires the help of a professional plumber Carnegie.


Another reason for sewer blockage is the wrong establishment of garbage pipes. It can be due to drains installed by an unlicensed plumber Carnegie.

Unforeseen plumbing problems can put a sprain in your designs. When your pipelines are running properly, it is tough to see how much your house relies on the plumbing arrangement. If you are looking for an accomplished plumber Carnegie to support you with any blocked drain concerns, contact Neighborhood Plumbing. Neighborhood Plumbing offers same-day assistance for crisis plumber needs.

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