Combining the Window with plants

To get a nice decoration and fits the criteria, especially in some parts of the exterior, it looks like we have to choose the right combination, especially for the design of windows and plants. Both of these concepts will be able to give the natural feel of the house.

Home design with plant as the decor
Modern and combine for exterior

However there are several other factors that must be considered in the making of decorations, such as for example when choosing the size of the window and the type of plants to be used as a blend between the two, whether suitable or not.

Window design for home
Choose the best plant for window
Best design for home exterior
Natural outdoor design

Whereas if it is not found the type of plants that match the criteria, then you should be able to organize in such a way, such as the shape and size of plants to be used in the home. Of course, with a few important criteria for the results of the maximum decoration.

Exterior combine for beautiful home
Artistic outdoor design