Choosing Cheap Wooden kitchen Set

Having a kitchen with a beautiful kitchen set cheap does not stop at the design process, but also on the selection of appropriate materials. With the right material, the end result is expected to achieve more leverage.

How to choose the best wooden kitchen set
Cheap wooden kitchen set

Basic materials
Kitchen sets cheap, of course, has a lot size take up space on the kitchen itself. Neatness display cabinets became the most influential factor on the overall impression of the kitchen. Base materials to form the variety of inexpensive kitchen set type, there is made of solid wood , multiplex, etc.

Solid Wood
Is the most robust materials. The beauty of natural motifs are the main attraction on this material. Some of the common wood used as raw material is cheap kitchen set. Some wood has light colors and wood grains are irregular grooves. Maple wood has almost no fiber look while wood grain had a rather rough with a reddish color. Unfortunately the price is becoming less and less affordable. So for those who pocket a mediocre, solid wood can be to order kitchen set alone.

One of the types of wood material that is commonly used. No doubt about the strength but has a fairly affordable price. Multiplex made ​​of thin wood stacked and glued together to achieve a certain thickness. The wood used are of various types in one apiece, this resulted in different levels of shrinkage expansion. This material has a shortage of precision in size and easy to peel and layer is not 100 % flat. For long spans, this material is easily bent at risk due to its harsh and rigid, it is also easy to crack at some of the load bearing layer if it is too heavy.

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