Build Mini Golf garden in your Home

Has a private golf course with small size may be a dream for every person. Moreover, they are absolutely true hobby with this sport. With a touch of creativity, you can change the existing yard in your home into a small golf course.

best mini golf area design

Nevertheless, the function of the golf course is not reduced. You can play hard without having to worry about the cost of rent that often feels burdensome. With the mini golf course in your home, but can add to the exotic home and in the surrounding environment, can certainly add to the appeal of the house.

golf area for home exterior

home design with mini golf area

To build a mini golf course like this, you must have a minimum of land with an area of 500 m2 or more. By that measure, hobby you can play golf any time you want. What do you think, does have an interest to make it well at home?

mini golf area

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