Best Way to Inventory Your Belongings When Moving

If you are looking forward to a smooth and stress-free moving process, you need an inventory list. Even though inventorying your household items when packing might seem like an extra task, it is worth your time.

Whether it is a DIY move or you have engaged NYC movers, you can be assured of a great packing and unpacking process if you keep an inventory list.

First, it makes unpacking a lot easier. This is because you can easily find the items you need by checking the inventory list. The other benefit of having an inventory list is knowing what you are moving to in your new home.

To some people, keeping an inventory list is very complicated. However, the task is easier than you may think. With just a few steps, you will have a record of all the items you have or are taking to the new apartment.

How to inventory your belongings during a move

1. Select a method

The first step in inventorying your items when moving is to select a method. This is because there are several ways to inventory your things. You can decide to do it on paper, on your computer, or download an app.


The first option is to use a notebook. All you need is to get a notebook and a pen. This is a simple method where everyone can do it.

If you decide to use this method, make sure you have a good notebook that can keep every item neat and organized in one place. Also, make sure you do not lose it when packing.

Create a table with a column for rooms, boxes, and items. Then make sure everything you pack in a specific box is recorded in the notebook.


The second way to inventory your items is using a laptop. Happily, several programs can help you keep records of items you need to move and those you want to leave behind.

The process is simple, neat, and well organized with computer programs. However, you need to decide whether you need to have a document on your laptop through Excel or word processor have it online on Google Docs.

If you use Word or Excel documents, make sure you have a backup. You do not want to lose the records. Hence, the best option is saving the document online. By saving it on a GoogleDoc, you will be assured of a good backup.


It is also possible to get an inventory app. Fortunately, there are several inventory apps that you can consider. Hence, go on PlayStore or AppStore to look for the best app for your inventory.

The apps vary in price and are simple to use. Unlike the pen and paper or computer inventory, the app is mobile, and you can even take pictures of the boxes as you keep the records.

2. Color code

Another great way to ensure the process is smooth and neat is by choosing a color for every room. This will make things easier for everyone. In addition, use that color packing tape or a marker when packing the boxes. This will help you know where they belong.

It will also make it easier for professional movers to load and unload your items. Moreover, it will make unpacking things easier for you and your family.

3. Categorize

Another important thing you need to do is categorize your items by room. This will give you an easy time when taking records, packing and unpacking.

For example, when you begin a new box, make sure you write a number on it and put that number under the matching room. Then write the box’s contents on your list until the box is full. When you move to the other room, continue to keep the numbers. Do not start afresh. This will ensure you do not have duplicates.

Nevertheless, make sure the boxes are well filled. They do not overpack your boxes. Once the box is full, seal it properly. Make sure the numbers, the content, and the rooms are well recorded on the list.

4. Label

It would help if you labeled all the boxes. Whether the box contains simple or valuable items, make sure it is labeled. However, special items should get extra labels. For instance, essential boxes and fragile items need to be well labeled to avoid confusion.

Best Way to Inventory Your Belongings When Moving
Best Way to Inventory Your Belongings When Moving

Also, make sure the labels are clear, and then have a note in the inventory list. This will help you keep track of them.


Packing and unpacking your items is not an easy task. It would help if you planned how to handle the task to ensure everything goes well. Having an inventory is one of the best ways to ensure all the items you want to be moved are accounted for.

Whether you want to engage friends and family members or hire professional movers such as NYC movers, having an inventory will benefit you when packing and moving.

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