9 Stylish Roof Designs for Houses

When you need to choose a roof design for your house, you want to pick something stylish. You also want something practical so that it won’t be difficult to repair a roof leak Logan. Below are nine great options.

1. A Gable Roof Design Is Simple

If you want to keep things simple with your roof, then you might want to choose a gable design. You will have a slanted roof on both the front and back of the house with this design. It looks simple and goes well with a traditional-style home.

2. An A-Frame Roof Makes The Home

If you want a roof that decides the shape and style of the home, then an A-frame roof is the one to choose. This roof is a giant upside-down V that extends all the way to the ground. The roof also works as the walls of the home and gives the house its shape.

3. Roofs With A Mixture Of Styles And Materials Are Fun

When you need a roof, you don’t have to settle on just one style. You can mix all of the features of the styles you like best. You can mix different materials, such as metal and traditional shingles, to create a great look, as well, but try not to make it too complicated that taking care of a leak will be a bother.

4. Hip Roofs Are Easy To Build

Many people choose hip roofs for their homes because there are some advantages to the four sides of this roof. One of the main reasons they like it better than other roofs is that it provides more space in the house. The ceiling doesn’t come so low with this type of roof and it is easier to build than most roofs and easy to repair when you have a leak or anything like that.

5. A Flat Roof Can Look Very Stylish

It is great to have a roof that stands out if you want it to appear stylish. You can get a flat roof on your house for a contemporary look. Another great thing about a roof like this is that it is easy to work on it when there is a roof leak because it is so easy to get up and move around up there.

6. Gambrel Roofs Are A Great Option

When you want a roof that looks traditional but a bit different at the same time, a gambrel roof is a great option. It has a good, symmetrical look to it as it comes down the same on both sides of the house. It has a few slopes to it on each side and is a traditional Dutch style.

7. A Lean-To Roof Can Look Nice

A lean-to roof is another of the simpler roof options but it still looks stylish despite its simplicity. It is a flat roof at an angle, and many homes have a couple of different levels of lean-to roofs on them. It is an affordable roofing option and great for when leaks happen because of how easy it is to get up there and work on it.

8. Roofs With Dormer Windows Are Fun

If you want something a bit different for your house, then you might want to add some dormer windows. They peak out above the roof and have it covering them. They add personality to the house and will make your roof much more interesting than if it were just flat on top of the house.

9. Clay Tile Can Look Nice On The Roof

If you have enough money to get clay tiles, then you will be pleased with how they look and how long they last. They are one of the more durable roofing options and give the house a unique look. When a leak occurs with them, it is quick and easy to get the repair done.

If you want something stylish yet easy to repair when a leak occurs, then you need to choose your roof carefully. Consider these styles and pick the right one for your house. When you do that, you will be pleased with the look and how easy it is to care for it.


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