Arabella Swivel Chair Full Color by Giorgetti USA plush

Hearing the word “chair” in our minds it must have tool for seating. The chair is a furniture used to sit. Usually has 4 legs to support the weight. Several types of chairs, like barstool, have only 1 foot in the middle. Sometimes the seat has a foot rest. Some chairs 4 feet has a design that enables it to support the load 500 pounds.

Arabella Swivel Chair Full Color 1

There are many types and models of chairs hanging from its usefulness. Formerly known as the seat only ‘seats’, but as the development chair era has its own identity. The development of the next chair design is marked by the emergence of various forms of innovative new chair. For example, modern chair has been equipped with a variety of additional accessories such as swivel chairs by Giorgetti USA plush.

Plush swivel chairs with bright colors, shapes contemporary and fun, ideal for modern homes. Arabella Designer swivel chair Carlo Giorgetti and Massimo Scolari create a chair with slender posture oblique, large, luxury perched on a lacquered bronze swivel base. Seat and backrest made of flexible multi-density expanded polyurethane and features an internal harmonic steel springs to suit your body and add comfort to aesthetics.

Arabella Swivel Chair Full Color 2

Arabella Swivel Chair Full Color 4

Now it’s time, enjoy a sit down and rotate 360 degrees. This chair is big so it fits in an open-concept room, living room, den and media room. Arabella swivel chair is available in a variety of hot colors, and come in removable fabric or leather upholstery.

Arabella Swivel Chair Full Color 31

Arabella Swivel Chair Full Color 5

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