Cool And Sophisticated Radio Mirror

The mirror is a smooth surface, can create reflections that form the image. Almost everyone in this world have and need a mirror because the mirror function itself, to see our shadow. Especially in the bags there are definitely women who always carry wherever mirror. Mirrors used in almost all walks of life, both the lower class, middle, or upper. The increase of the needs and functions were created mirror the various models, sizes and colors. In addition to the mirror, now the mirror has experienced a shift in the function of which is to beautify the room. In the living room, den, bedroom, or even mounted bathroom mirror to add beauty and modern impression.

Radio Mirror 1 1

You like to sing in the shower while the mirror but no practical tools? Don’t be confused, the following radio mirror the new super-cool. Radio mirror mix between aesthetics and technology should have in your bathroom. It looks very minimalist and sleek bathrooms complete the decor. Through an interactive touch screen with stereo FM radio feature, lighting, ambient temperature, anti-fog system and clock. In fact you can connect to an additional audio source, such as the iPod.

Radio Mirror 2 2
To keep your view of the fog-free, turn key integrated, then the anti-fog system will take care of. And now it’s time your finger tips to find and enjoy music and cool features with Innova radio mirror.

Radio Mirror 3 3

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