A Guide on How to Find the Best Cleaning Service in Adelaide

If your home has become a sight for sore eyes, and you lack the time or energy to sustain a regular cleaning routine, a professional cleaning service may be the solution.

Best Cleaning Service In Adelaide
Best Cleaning Service In Adelaide

Cleaning prices in Adelaide generally lie between $28 to $50/hr, with flat domestic rates ranging anywhere from $70 to $220. A Bond clean service, in contrast, will cost anywhere from $150 to $800. As a whole, you can expect to pay $30-40 for a cleaner per hour in Australia.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a one size fits all pricing scheme as it will depend on various factors. Below we’ll be discussing what affects price and how to find the best possible service, along with what pricing methods to expect in Adelaide.

How to Find Affordable Services that Still Do a Great Job

All too often, consumers find themselves trapped by a cleaning service that charges far more than it’s worth. If your home has been neglected in the cleaning department for some time, it might be better off hiring an experienced cleaning service in Adelaide who can get the job done right in less time so they charge accordingly.

If you’ve spent a lot of money on your home’s interior to have Beautiful themes like British Colonial or Chinoiserie, a regular cleaning schedule is the best way to maintain it.

So how do you go about finding a credible service? Consider the following points:

Review Sites and Referrals

Reviews on sites such as Yelp and Angie’s list can be a great place to start your search, and is one of the main determining factors for most people when choosing a specific business. If you have family or friends who’ve recently hired a professional cleaning service, ask them for recommendations based on their experience. A quick Google search of local cleaners in your area is another way to get started.

Price Comparisons

Even if you’re on a budget, it’s best not to select the service that is too cheap. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll do a poor job but the likelihood of this happening is higher. When surveying the cleaning landscape online, it’s always best to do quick price comparisons among your best candidates. This will help you hone in on the best service for your budget and needs, and distinguish cheaper businesses that offer the same service.

The Experience Factor

No matter what, always consider experience when hiring a professional cleaning company. If you want your home to look and feel it’s best, it’s vital that the service has years of experience under their belt. Experienced cleaners will have seen it all – from luxurious Rococo Style Bedrooms to Mid-Century Modernized Living rooms and will know doubt what’s best for your home.

Pricing Methods – Square Foot vs Hourly

While the two pricing models are very different, they’re both valid ways of charging for a professional cleaning service. Generally speaking, though, the price per square foot will be higher than the price per hour as it considers your home’s overall size and condition.

Price Per Square Foot

If you have a large house with several stories or areas that need particular attention, such as hardwood flooring or carpeted stairs, it’s best to hire cleaners who charge by this square foot. As bigger spaces and laborious cleaning jobs take longer to clean, paying by the hour can be a costly mistake. For example, if your home has numerous furnishing and decorative items like dining centerpieces and rugs, then these will take longer to clean.

Price Per Hour

If you live in a small apartment or home, price per hour is usually your best bet as it will take less time to clean and complete a job. Cleaning tasks that are charged by the hour generally include dusting, vacuuming and other relatively easy tasks that you could do yourself.

Factors that Can Affect the Price of a Cleaning Service

Many factors can affect the price of a professional cleaning company. Some common examples include:
Size and Condition of Your Home

As stated above, a larger home with more intricate details will cost more to clean than a smaller space. Bigger homes usually have more rooms, furnishings, carpeting, and of course, windows and doors.

Additionally, your home’s condition matters a great deal. For an already well-maintained home, a regular cleaning service to maintain this level of quality is more affordable. In contrast, a neglected home that requires a deep clean will cost more.

Where You Live

If you live in an area with high living costs or rent, hiring a professional cleaning company might cost a bit more than others. This is because their operational costs are higher, which they pass on to the customer to remain profitable and stay in business.

Extra Cleaning Tasks

Depending on what you request, it might cost extra for specific tasks such as carpet shampoo or moving furniture. Specialized equipment to perform complex or strenuous jobs may also be needed to clean certain parts of your home, so be mindful of this while searching for a company that fits your needs.

Frequency of Cleaning

Do you live in a home with pets or children who regularly track in dirt and stains? Or perhaps you have a job that causes your house to be less than tidy on an almost daily basis. If so, hiring a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning service may be the best option for you when trying to keep it clean.

On the other hand, if this isn’t an issue, consider going with one who cleans just once a month. Although hiring a service more often will cost you more, it will free up your schedule to spend time on other tasks.

Independent House Cleaner vs a Professional Cleaning Company with Employees

Independent house cleaners tend to cost less, making them an attractive option for those looking to save money in Adelaide. Additionally, these cleaners are often more flexible with scheduling which can be a boon if you have an irregular schedule or book last minute.

However, hiring professionals who work on their own might not prove cost-effective in some cases as they may not offer additional services such as window washing or floor buffing.

A professional cleaning company with employees will cost more as they have overhead costs of maintaining a staff. Cleaning companies, while more expensive, are registered with the state and carry insurance. This means that you’re hiring vetted individuals that are professionally trained and insured to provide their services.


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