6 Main Key Element British Colonial Style Represents A Blend of Traditional and Modern Approach

The British Colonial Style is one of those designs that is rich in diversity, history, light and shadow. This style represents the marriage of the traditional and modern approaches of the Western world with stylistic elements borrowed from colonized countries.

6 Main Key Element British Colonial Style Represents A Blend Of Traditional And Modern Approach
6 Main Key Element British Colonial Style Represents A Blend Of Traditional And Modern Approach

You can see the main characteristics of this design style such as the soft tone of the white color used in sharp contrast to the dark accents of the wood color, highlighted with greenery and prints, and the striking decorations that illustrate their adventurous nature. Asian, Caribbean and African design influences can also be felt in the eclectic use of fabrics, signature prints and unique accessories. Therefore, it is not surprising that the British Colonial Style looks classic aesthetic with its calming and bold and gentle nature.

Well, for more details, let’s take a peek at the following ideas about the characteristics of the British Colonial Style.

6 Main Key Element British Colonial Style Represents A Blend of Traditional and Modern Approach

1. Bright and Neutral Colors That Create Soft Tones

Room Wall Colonial Style From Wabentz
Room Wall Colonial Style from Wabentz

British Colonial designs are synonymous with soft tones. Light and neutral tones were used to frame the British Colonial interior and create a cool environment against the tropical heat. Usually white accents are used to create a light atmosphere and airy hue in a room. The white color will usually look contrasting and beautiful with the darker furniture used.

2. Dark Wood Color Palette

Dark Wood Color Furniture From Benjaminrugsandfurniture
Dark Wood Color Furniture from Benjaminrugsandfurniture

Another key feature of the British Colonial design style is the use of a dark wood color palette. The wood used such as teak, ebony, mahogany comes from wood native to Asia and Africa. Not only used for room elements such as floors, doors and roofs, but the furniture used also uses this feature to create an authentic British Colonial replication.

3. Natural Texture For Exotic Feel

Colonial Veranda British Colonial Decor From Easyhomedecoraccessories
Colonial Veranda British Colonial Decor from Easyhomedecoraccessories

Texture was very important to British Colonial design. For this reason, natural textures such as rattan, reed, and sisal are used to add an interesting contrast and depth to the darker traditional furniture used. The neutral warm brown color of teak wood mixed with rattan gives it an instant Colonial look. The color helps to combine light walls and dark floors and furniture. Other natural textures such as accents of bamboo, rattan, leather and tropical decorations such as coral, shells are also used to create an exotic atmosphere.

4. Fabric Textures To Create Interesting Stories

Furniture Print Rooms From W2 Pricespin Net
Furniture Print Rooms from W2.pricespin,net

This design is also synonymous with the eclectic mix of lightweight fabrics such as the layered texture of the fabric with botanical, paisley, ikat, batik, and animal prints creating an interesting story. The botan prints themselves are inspired by local flora and fauna such as tropical birds, palms and ferns.

5. Greenery

Tropical Colonial Decor From Thesun
Tropical Colonial Decor from Thesun

Not only does it create a bold and fresh contrast with dark and white woods. British Colonial Design is also synonymous with plants that aim to refresh the room and help bring it to life.

6. Aesthetic Decoration

British Colonial Decorations From Katewalkerstoneandtiledesign
British Colonial Decorations from Katewalkerstoneandtiledesign

Its décor also offers plenty of opportunities to showcase art. Which adds to the visual appeal while staying true to the aesthetic and adding to the air of breezy adventure.

There’s nothing wrong with decorating your home with British Colonial Style to add a visual appeal to your home. Hope it inspires.

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