8 Most Popular Living Room Decorations of All Time That Inspire You

One of the rooms that are the highlight of the house is definitely the living room. This place is very important because it is a place for quality time with family and a gathering place with friends. Therefore, this room should always be neat, beautified with comfortable decoration and functional furniture.

Some of these living room decorations invite you to be bolder in creating a new atmosphere through playing colors, patterns, and materials. So what about the application of the living room decoration itself? See some of the ideas below that will inspire you.

Wall Gallery Design

Arrange all the wall decorations that you have dynamically at the top of the living room sofa. Apart from hanging it on the wall so that it looks like a college unit, you can use the shelves to display the living room decorations.

Wall Gallery Design 02
Wall Gallery Design – Source: viendoraglass.com
Wall Gallery Design 01
Wall Gallery Design – Source: do-design.info


Open Shelf Collections

Take advantage of the private collection that you have as a living room decoration. Use an open shelf to display the living room decoration. It does not have to consist of just one type of collection, the living room decoration from a private collection can be in the form of books, toys, or antiques from the past.

Open Shelf Collections 001
Open Shelf Collections – Source: createaforum.net
Open Shelf Collections 002
Open Shelf Collections – Source: klimttreeoflife.com


Attractive Murals

There are several types of living room decorations that can bring attractive accents to the wall, such as wallpaper or wall stickers. However, try to get out of your comfort zone by trying out another living room decoration, something that might be new to you, namely the mural wall.

Attractive Murals 1
Attractive Murals – Source: mediumnice.com
Attractive Murals 2
Attractive Murals – Source: million-wallpapers.com


Indoor Decorative Plants

Indoor ornamental plants can be a refreshing living room decoration. The placement can be inserted between a wall display or collection arranged on an open shelf. The corners of the room can also be used to display this living room decoration.

Indoor Decorative Plants 01
Indoor Decorative Plants – Source: asupportingrole.com
Indoor Decorative Plants 02
Indoor Decorative Plants – Source: lurkingfish.com

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