12 Beautiful Living Room Decoration With Awesome Wallpaper Ideas

Looking for a living room wallpaper idea? Over the past few years, we have been led to believe that white walls are the only way to go. A plain and neutral base can indeed be a good starting point for building decor schemes, but if you ignore the spectrum of colors and patterns available in paints and wallpapers, you can skip it.

There are lots of variations in choosing finishing materials for the interior walls of the house, one of which is to use wallpaper. One of the advantages of using this one finishing material is the many choices of wallpaper motifs that you can choose to make the interior look more attractive. For those of you who have a narrow room, the right wallpaper motif can also help make the impression of a wider room. Want to try applying a wallpaper motif to make a narrow room seem more spacious? See the inspiration for the following wallpaper motif choices.

Horizontal Line Wallpaper for More Wide Space Impressions

Line wallpaper design is one of the easiest choices to create an illusion so that the room seems more spacious. For a room that is not too wide, you can apply a horizontal line wallpaper motif to impress a longer and wider space. However, avoid choosing wallpaper motifs with lines that are too dense because this will make the room seem dense and narrow.

Horizontal Living Room Wallpaper Ideas
Horizontal Living Room Wallpaper Ideas – Source: quotemykaam.com
Horizontal Living Room Wallpaper
Horizontal Living Room Wallpaper – Source: enhancedhomes.org
Horizontal Living Room Wallpaper Design
Horizontal Living Room Wallpaper Design – Source: nicety.livejournal.com

Vertical Lines for Higher Impression of Space

If the horizontal line wallpaper motif can make the impression of a room that is wider, then the wallpaper motif with vertical lines is an alternative choice to make the room seem higher. This one choice motif is the right choice for you who have a room with limited height.

Vertical Living Room Design Ideas
Vertical Living Room Design Ideas – Source: aliexpress.com
Vertical Living Room Ideas
Vertical Living Room ideas – Source: abooklink.com
Vertical Living Room Design
Vertical Living Room Design – Source: rsanvicente.com

Minimalist Wallpaper Pattern With Bright Lines And Colors

Many people like the typical classic wallpaper motifs with elegant arch shapes and ornaments. However, motifs like this tend to make the room seem narrower. However, you can outsmart it by choosing a simplified classic wallpaper motif using only line elements so that the room still seems classic but doesn’t feel cramped.

Wallpaper Pattern 3D Ideas
Wallpaper Pattern 3D Ideas – Source: dhgate.com
Living Room Wallpaper Pattern
Living Room Wallpaper Pattern – Source: homeoop.com
Wallpaper Pattern Design Ideas
Wallpaper Pattern Design Ideas – Source: w-dog.net

Geometric For a Wider Illusion Of Space

For modern and contemporary dwellings, the wallpaper motif that you can try for a narrow room is a geometric line motif. For narrow spaces, avoid geometric patterns too small and dense, instead, choose geometric patterns that tend to be so that the room feels wider as in the inspiration above. Take advantage of the color game too so the wallpaper motif is not boring.

Living Room Wallpaper Geometric
Living Room Wallpaper Geometric – Source: peredelka.tv
Living Room Wall Geometric Ideas
Living Room Wall Geometric Ideas – Source: aaronesteban.info
Living Wallpaper Geomectric Illusion
Living Wallpaper Geomectric Illusion – Source: oldyalta.com

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