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7 Luxury First Class Bathroom With Marble Monokrom Design

The application of marble to housing is usually applied in a room which is often one of the centers for residents to gather at home. However, not all rooms in the house cannot be combined with this type of stone. The use of this material can also be applied to wet areas such as bathrooms.

You can install marble for your bathroom because it will display a cool impression and will give a broad impression to the room especially with monochrome colors like white, cream, and black.

Like some bathroom design ideas with the following Monochrome Marble.

Bathroom Shower
The first design is dominated by thick monochrome colors, namely the combination of white and black in some of the interiors. Not only simple, but a design like this will also make your bathroom look wider.

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Black Marble Bathroom Classic Contemporary
This design is one way that you can try if you have a narrow bathroom, namely by making it elongated like this.

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Black Marble Bathroom Designs
The black marble color makes this bathroom look classy, ​​especially when combined with white for other furniture.

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Emperador Marble
Monochrome is not always black and white, but you can also try other neutral colors like brown and gray. Like this one design, even though it uses marble, it feels like a rustic design.

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Luxury Marble
Marble material, not only can you use it on the walls, but you can also use it for other bathroom elements such as bathtubs.

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Marble Bathroom
The use of a bathtub with white marble elements contrasts sharply with the black marble walls.

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Marble Design
You can also dominate the marble elements on the walls.

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Those are some bathroom designs with the use of marble and monochrome colors. Good luck.

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