Looking partitions for Toilet interior

You have enough toilet luxurious and comfortable? Write whatever is in it, attractive décor, a cozy atmosphere, and certainly there is a partition to restrict the bathtub and toilet. Yet the design of such partitions are you using? Sure all sorts, is not it?

best glass partition for toilet

To beautify the look and interior toilet, indeed we should be able to find the type of partition, especially partition made ​​of glass. There are several examples for this kind of glass partitions, as you can see in some of the pictures that we provide.

glass partition for toilet


modern glass partition design

How to determine the size of the glass partition? You can adjust the area of ​​the space toilet. But to maximize the size of the partition you want to install, then the better you measure first, where this is to avoid the possible partition of waste disposal.

partition for toilet

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