12 Charming Cactus Plant Ideas You Need to Try at Your Home

You have a large enough yard that will feel more beautiful when planted with ornamental plants. However, many are worried that the plants will wither and die because of the hot weather. Therefore, it is better to keep the sun-resistant ornamental plants on your yard.

There are lots of ornamental plants that are resistant to sunburn and hot air. There are plants that come from hot areas like the desert, but some are not. Generally, plants that have sun resistance do not need much water for growth. One of them is a cactus plant. Cactus plants have many types and use, see some types of cactus plants that you can try in your home.

Parodia Cactus Plant

The Parodia cactus, also known as the Cactus Ball. The name itself is obtained because this ornamental cactus plant has a spherical shape like a ball filled with fine spines.

Parodia Cactus Plant 01
Parodia Cactus Plant – Source: dsd3rmhotmx78.cloudfront.net
Parodia Cactus Plant 02
Parodia Cactus Plant – Source: pinterest.ru


Haworthia Cactus Zebra Plant

Because it is only able to live with minimal light, this cactus is more suitable to be placed indoors. The Haworthia Cactus Zebra Cactus includes a cactus that is not fussy as long as it is not exposed to excessive light and the stripes it has to make it able to beautify the room.

Haworthia Cactus Zebra Plant 01
Haworthia Cactus Zebra Plant – Source: ebay.co.uk
Haworthia Cactus Zebra Plant 02
Haworthia Cactus Zebra Plant – Source: wildroseflowercompany.co.uk


Fairy Castle Cactus Plant

If you are looking for a cactus to fill a page, the type of Fairy Castle cactus or also known as the Cereus Tetragonus cactus can be one of your choices. Able to grow up and branch high, this type of cactus can also be planted in rows to form hedges, or planted in pots to decorate one corner of the yard.

Fairy Castle Cactus Plant 001
Fairy Castle Cactus Plant – Source: br.pinterest.com
Fairy Castle Cactus Plant 002
Fairy Castle Cactus Plant – Source: pinterest.ru


Gymnocalycium Cactus Plant

Gymnocalycium cactus which has a round shape and long spines and beautiful flowers with many color choices. Often planted on beautiful pots, this type of cactus is perfect for decorating the guest table in your house.

Gymnocalycium Cactus Plant 1
Gymnocalycium Cactus Plant – Source: pinterest.se
Gymnocalycium Cactus Plant 2
Gymnocalycium Cactus Plant – Source: worldofsucculents.com


Beaver Tail Cactus Plant

This type of cactus includes classic cactus which is quite popular. Having a variety of sizes ranging from small to large, Beaver Tail ornamental cactus has a white oval shape and has flowers with many color variations. And, most importantly this type of cactus makes it easier for you to treat plants.

Beaver Tail Cactus Plant 1
Beaver Tail Cactus Plant – Source: caretakerlandscape.com
Beaver Tail Cactus Plant 2
Beaver Tail Cactus Plant – Source: mandarin-shop.ru


Chepalocereus Senilis Cactus Plant

Having the popular name gray cactus, this ornamental cactus variant has a characteristic very fine and long whitish thorn that resembles human gray hair.

Chepalocereus Senilis Cactus Plant 01
Chepalocereus Senilis Cactus Plant – Source: cactus-shop.com
Chepalocereus Senilis Cactus Plant 02
Chepalocereus Senilis Cactus Plant – Source: worldofsucculents.com

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