10 Indoor Plants Ideas That Can Beautify Your Home

For those of you who like the cool atmosphere of the house, one way to get around so that the house feels cool and beautiful is to plant green plants. Many green plants that you can choose. However, for those of you who want plants with more functions besides the function of decoration, you can choose the type of ornamental plants that also have a function as medicinal plants.

Want to beautify the room in the house? So easy! Just add plants in the room as decorations, like the following plants. Not only beautify and make the atmosphere beautiful, but plants in this room also have special benefits that can be enjoyed by the residents of the house. Look at some plants in the room that is suitable for your home.

Lavender Plants

Many lavender plants have many benefits. This medicinal plant from France is often used as a mixture of perfumes and other beauty products because of its distinctive and fragrant aroma.

Indoor Plants Ideas 08
Indoor Plants Ideas 08 – Source: socala.blogspot.com
Indoor Plants Ideas 09
Indoor Plants Ideas 09 – Source: sunfly.co


Geranium plants

Geranium flowers are rumored to reduce inflammation, improve the digestive system, improve kidney health, eliminate fatigue or stress, and like lavender, geranium also functions to prevent mosquito bites.

Indoor Plants Ideas 02
Indoor Plants Ideas 02 – Source: dscity.info
Indoor Plants Ideas 01
Indoor Plants Ideas 01 – Source: crowntech.pro


Sansevieria plants

Sansevieria has quite a lot of properties, one of which is to overcome sick building syndrome, which is a disease that arises due to spending too much time in an air-conditioned room, lacking oxygen, or a lot of cigarette smoke. The sick symptoms of building syndrome include headaches, nausea, weakness, and aches.

Indoor Plants Ideas 07
Indoor Plants Ideas 07 – Source: simplemoneytips.info
Indoor Plants Ideas 03
Indoor Plants Ideas 03 – Source: hogcf.org


Philodendron Plants

This Philodendron plant gives rise to an elegant impression with dazzling details. The leaves grow with a heart shape with separate strands of pure green. Without needing a lot of care, this plant is suitable to be placed in the interior corner of the living room because it is not suitable for small children and pets.

Indoor Plants Ideas 04
Indoor Plants Ideas 04 – Source: ideomotor.club
Indoor Plants Ideas 05
Indoor Plants Ideas 05 – Source: pinterest.ru


Aloe Vera Plants

Here it is a million people plant that is liked both as garden plants or indoor plants. Aloe vera itself is popular as a superfood that is rich in minerals and vitamins.

Indoor Plants Ideas 10
Indoor Plants Ideas 10 – Source: thespruce.com
Indoor Plants Ideas 06
Indoor Plants Ideas 06 – Source: pwa.www.1800flowers.com

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