What umbrella color do you like for Patio and garden?

To complete the look of patio or garden more attractive and comfortable, plenty of ways you can do. Some of the equipment for this purpose you can also choose. In addition to garden complete with outdoor furniture, you can also put some umbrella for the patio, where the size of the required also varies. In addition, the color of the umbrella is also very important to give the impression of airy and comfortable, so that when you are in that place will feel comfortable and at ease. Some umbrella size used in the garden or patio in outline almost the same, which has a diameter of about 3M.

best patio moden umbrella1

design for umbrella patio

good umbrella design for patio

Of the several types and colors for patio umbrella, green and blue is the favorite color of the most demanding, with any combination of colors of course must first be adjusted with the color of furniture used. But basically in determining the color of the umbrella is not too difficult, so it can be ignored.

modern patio with umbrella

umbrella patio desing

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