Various bunk bed made ​​by Anthony Gioffany

Bunk beds are usually more widely used for children. With a simple construction and size is not too large, a bunk bed is suitable to be placed in a room that is not too large. In addition to saving the existing room, bunk bed can also accommodate more because the bed was made in a various design, such as bunk bed made of Anthony Giofany. Some of the design for the bunk bed is very diverse, a luxury, simple, modern, minimalist, or a design with a funny look.

best bunk bed design

To select a bunk bed that is used for children aged five years should not be too high. In addition to its safety factor, bunk beds are usually to be placed in a location not too far from the reach of the parents to be easy to control.

bunk bed with modern design

minimalist bunk bed design

simple bunk bed design

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