UTZONKids: The Wave Chair Series

Exclusive contemporary furniture for cool kids – designed and made in Denmark

A new vision for children’s furniture; UtzonKids makes premium quality furniture for children – furniture made from the finest natural materials, which is contemporary yet timeless. Built to last, UtzonKids products are crafted to complement modern interiors. Designed and made to-order in Denmark, they build on the Danes’ heritage of creating iconic furniture.

UtzonKids - DaisyCover
UtzonKids – DaisyCover

UtzonKids designs offers a simple and sophisticated alternative to much of the kids furniture available today. They enrich the lives of children by introducing colour and comfort, while integrating their world with that of their parents.

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UtzonKids - Sydney Leather
UtzonKids – Sydney Leather
UztonKids - Stripes by P Smith Walnut
UztonKids – Stripes by P Smith Walnut
UtzonKids - Sigge Walnut Chair
UtzonKids – Sigge Walnut Chair
UtzonKids - Willow Blue Maple
UtzonKids – Willow Blue Maple
UztonKids - Willow Pink Maple
UztonKids – Willow Pink Maple

UTZONKids: The Wave Chair, Company from Denmark create awesome Wave Chair for Kids. This designed and made-to-order in Denmark. The Wave is a premium quality chair for children ages two and up. Contemporary yet timeless, it has been designed to seamlessly fit modern spaces.

Importantly, the Wave integrates the world of children with that of their parents – it works just as well in a living room as a playroom or bedroom. Wherever it is used, it introduces colour and comfort while adding a strong sense of individuality.

The Wave has been designed with sustainability in mind. Built-to-last, it is made from the best natural materials. At its heart lies the idea that it should enhance the lives of children today and protect their future too.

Made-to-order on the beautiful Danish island of Fyn, which has a long and proud tradition of crafting iconic contemporary furniture, the Wave comes in four sophisticated expressions from UtzonKids. It is also available in bespoke versions.

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Contact: sales@utzonkids.com + 45 65 80 10 64 www.utzonkids.com

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