Unusual & Amazing Wicker Furniture Made Of Twigs Ideas Collections

Rattan has been known from antiquity can be used to make various useful items and crafts. For example, used to make chairs, bags, tables, and various other crafts in a way woven / wicker. As the image you see above, are hand-made furniture which is really unusual, created by Laura Spector, one of the artists and designers.

By using organic material he knows best for her unique lyrical interpretation.

Among his creations you can find wicker furniture is really amazing made ​​from twigs that for such outdoor to indoor.

Each piece of furniture is a unique treasure that represents love of nature and the true object of beauty. They are all made from vine-called Oriental Bittersweet is covered with two coats of wood preservatives and petroleum-based polyurethane coating.

This is truly an outstanding work, hopefully the pictures above to open the mind to continue to be creative.

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