Unique stairs For house With 2 floors

Build your own house without an architect might if not impossible for some people, but we think all will be resolved if we take advantage of online media to find a design layout we want. It would be very useful if we have enough money only to build houses, not enough to pay an architect, because we know it is not cheap to pay for a house architectural services.

Unique Ladder, secoand floor
Unique stairs for second floor

Has a narrow land is also a challenge, especially if the person who had to stay in the house as big family. Hmmm there is no other way except to make a home with minimalist design and has two floors.

Well if you are currently thinking about designs for stairs up from the first floor to the second floor, we have a solution for you. We offer a unique staircase design.

Unique Stairs design that we offer you can use wood as the main ingredient, which is coherent with small  furniture as a small closet, or put ornaments such as alive flowers or plastic flowers.