Top 5 Models and Types of Bathroom Shower Doors We Recommend For You

Bathroom Shower Doors is one thing that should not escape our attention. Basically, most people only pay attention to the design of the living room door and bedroom door because most of the two places are very visible to the eye. But gradually along with the times, the bathroom door, especially in the shower is also a fairly important part and requires more attention.

Top 5 Models And Types Of Bathroom Shower Doors
Top 5 Models And Types Of Bathroom Shower Doors

For some people, designing a bathroom shower door is quite a difficult task. Not only for those who are not specially trained for work in that field, but also for architects and home designers themselves who often experience impasse and are less creative in making choices and make us even more confused about what kind of door design we will use.

Especially with the creativity and feasibility of technology, there are now many bathroom door designs. You just need to adjust it according to your needs. Such is the idea that we will share with you. Let’s just look at the following reviews about Bathroom Shower Doors.

Top 5 Models and Types of Bathroom Shower Doors We Recommend For You

1. Classic Wooden Door Model

Classic Wooden Door From Hawk Haven
Classic Wooden Door from Hawk-haven

Doors like this are perfect for people who like old-fashioned or classic things. Especially if applied to an outdoor bathroom. Designs like this are both a reflection and relaxation in the classic imagination of each user so that it will create an ancient impression but still look amazing.

2. Glass Hinged Door

Glass Hinged Door From Stayhotbathtubs
Glass Hinged Door from Stayhotbathtubs

The following door models are available in framed and frameless shower door designs. It may look ordinary, but a hinged door like this can reduce the space of your shower enclosure when it opens inwards.

3. Sliding Door Model

Sliding Door Model From Diytrade
Sliding Door Model from Diytrade

Sliding doors have become a trend lately, especially in minimalist homes and can be used for even small bathrooms. This door, also known as a bypass shower, generally consists of two to three shower glass panels. These doors have rollers on the top and bottom rails for easy operation.

4. Rotatable Quarter Round Door

Rotatable Quarter Round Door From Thebonecage
Rotatable Quarter Round Door from Thebonecage

The following bathroom door is no less unique, because it looks elegant and can be rotated 360 degrees so that it will create a distinct impression for everyone who uses and opens the bathroom door. Not only that, this door is also impressive because it is made of a material that is easy to clean and is less likely to find mold, mildew, or soap residue around it.

5. Foldable Door

Foldable Door From Showerenclosuresuk
Foldable Door from Showerenclosuresuk

The door with a folding model in this bathroom is very suitable to be placed in a bathroom located in a private room such as a bedroom. This folding door can also create a spacious impression in your bathroom so that it will display a charming and comfortable atmosphere.

Well, that’s an interesting idea about Bathroom Shower Doors.

Hope it inspires.

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