To Buy Or Not To Buy a Wine Fridge: 5 Reasons Why You Need One For Your Kitchen

Whether you boast an encyclopedic insight into many different kinds of wine, or you prefer just sip
wine on special occasions, you could benefit from a wine fridge much more than you had long

Here are several of the most compelling reasons why it could prove a great source of comfort for
you if you opt to buy a wine fridge for keeping at close hand in your kitchen.

You Shouldn’t Just Leave Wine Bottles Sitting on The Kitchen Counter

In an article for USA TODAY’s Reviewed website, Alicia Cypress warns that wine left in this way “is apt to absorb unwanted heat from a hot stove and other appliances.”

She has also warned that excessive heat and temperature will “cook” the wine, consequently
“turning bright fruit flavors into something sour, like stewed prunes.” The warmer the air to which
the wine is exposed, the more quickly that this wine will age.

A Wine Fridge Can Store Your Wine At Just The Right Temperature

You need to be picky about how warm or cool you keep your wine if you want to serve it in optimum

Indeed, you might already be familiar with the rule of thumb that red wine should be chilled in the
refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes before being served, while white wine ought to be removed from
the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes before serving begins.

Your Regular Refrigerator Is Not Ideal For Use In Storing Wine

While that standard refrigerator would still ‘do the job’, it wouldn’t do it quite as well as a fridge that
has been specially designed for use in storing wine.

One reason why is that, as you will naturally be storing a lot more than just wine in the regular
refrigerator, you could too easily send wine bottles rolling — or even accidentally break them —
when reaching into that refrigerator for something else, like dinner ingredients or snacks.

Wine Fridges Are Available in a Wide Range Of Sizes

Of course, which size of wine fridge you should go for will depend very much on how you intend to
use that refrigerator. If are an avid wine connoisseur, you might want to go pretty big.

However, regardless of your level of enthusiasm for wine, you could still make especially efficient
use of the space in your kitchen by opting for a relatively compact wine fridge. The wine fridges
available to buy online include sumptuously designed mini fridges.

Using a Wine Fridge Can Save You a Lot Of Time

This is largely for the simple reason that it will have already been specially built to provide the
optimal storage conditions for your wine.

Wine Lover Magazine points out that, while the temperature of a standard fridge “is optimal for
preserving food items, including fresh vegetables, meats, and dairy products”, it remains too cool for
wine, and would slow down its maturing process.

Besides, the site adds, “a wine bottle that comes from your refrigerator is too cold to be served

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