Tips to save the paint to Make it last

House painting work is often considered trivial, even if you do not have enough time, you just pay a painter to do it. And in here, if you want to set aside a little time and patience, the results will be much more rewarding than you ever thought. No need to worry about wasting time and effort, a number of tips from Real Simple repainting will should by you how to paint the house and the way the paint storage.

Keep the paint in the safe area
Paint store after used

First, at the time wanted to start painting, do not submerge the brush more than a third into the paint cans. Excess paint will not stick to the brush speed up the process of painting, but it will clog the base of the bristles on the brush. If it is clogged, it will be difficult for you to clean the brush and shorten the life of your brushes.

Secondly, if you have finished painting, clean the paint cans periphery using a screwdriver wrapped in a rag. This is very recommended for you to keep the quality paint. Its should be do by you before store that cans.

Third, the label on a can of paint by applying a drop of paint colors cover up the can. Write paint name and number with a permanent marker to make it easier to remember and use the paint back if used.

Fourth, do not store the paint upside down as it will bother you if you want to open the lid again. Be sure to save paint latex paint place that does not make it a quick freeze, because the water-based latex paint and easy to freezes.

Fifth, after the completion brush is used, if you do not have much time to clean it, simply insert the brush into a plastic bag. Then enter into the refrigerator during the day and night. It aims to help you if you want to clean another day.

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