Get To Know About The Concept of Green Building

The concept of green building, not only have fixated on one aspect only. For example, the green color. There are other aspects you need to know to make it happen.

Basically, green building houses leads to the development system, from the build process until after the building is inhabited, and continues onward. Therefore, do not get stuck looking at the green as green color only.

Here are the things you need to apply to the interior of the house green:

Mandatory openings in the house there are windows, doors, inner courtyard, or skylights. If less, just add. Everything it produces a smooth air circulation in the house. The sunlight can enter into the house so that it can minimize the use of additional lights on during the day.

Wear non toxic paint. If you want a truly ‘green’ ‘try to always focus on the choice of paint without the content of VOC (volatile organic compounds). VOCs are chemicals that will evaporate easily into the air when the painting process takes place. It usually occurs at room temperature and often emit a distinctive odor.

Decorative paints generally contain VOC. Nowadays you can easily choose the brand of paints from leading manufacturers who care about the environment. Typically, the information on the product label says no VOC content, and only a little / a percentage in the paint.

Green Building
Add indoor plants. Well, this is literally the application of green interior. Green plants are able to refresh the eye and the atmosphere of the room. If you like flowers / plant life, must be diligent to be replaced every three days. Otherwise, the plant will wilt and rot.

Take advantage of the vertical garden interior wall of an empty house for potted plants mounted vertically.

Material recycling when you have used, do not get thrown out. Try to think creatively to create a new function of the used goods. Can be modified with other objects so that there is added value.