Sustainable House

This particular dream home comes from great architect and brings two strong attributes to the table: design and sustainability. The house was built considering the future owner’s requests: he wanted place that “maximizes the drama of the pond and takes advantage of the privacy of the site”. As a result, the architects decided to break the main building into four separate smaller ones, all provided with large glass sliding doors that open up to face the garden and pond. The sustainability part is provided by solar panels, green building materials and special cool-off systems, without using air conditioner machines.

suistainable house

suistainable house 1

suistainable house 2

suistainable house 3

suistainable house 4

suistainable house 5

suistainable house 7

suistainable house 8

suistainable house 9

So, what do you think about this sustainable house?

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