Stunning Tiny Apartment Mini Bar Kitchen Modern Design with Feminine Nuances

Mini Bar Kitchen is a minimalist design solution for relatively small houses such as apartments. Although it is usually used as a place for various drinks, you can also use the minibar as a dining table. Its modern, simple design and doesn’t take up too much space has made mini bars increasingly popular these days.

Stunning Tiny Apartment Mini Bar Kitchen Modern Design With Feminine Nuances
Stunning Tiny Apartment Mini Bar Kitchen Modern Design With Feminine Nuances

Kitchen design like this is considered capable of accommodating 2 activities at once, namely servicing the kitchen and eating at the bar table. This is considered very effective because there are many dimensions of space that are not too large, such as in simple apartments and houses so that it is considered that there is no need for a special dining room to be provided.

In addition, the cost of making a mini bar kitchen with the best design is also quite affordable. Not only is it cheaper than the price of a kitchen set that requires more furniture. But it can also save space in your apartment because the kitchen mini bar is usually adjacent to the kitchen. Even though it doesn’t provide as complete a drink as at the bar, because you can only fill it with your favorite drink.

Well, here we give you an idea about a mini bar design that you can imitate.

Watch Tiny Apartment Mini Bar Kitchen Modern Design with Feminine Nuances Video:

There are 3 main parts that are usually highlighted in the minibar kitchen, namely the materials used, decorations, and lighting games. Where these three elements are enough to bring the mini bar kitchen design concept to life.

The main feature that is often present in the minibar is a high table accompanied by a stool bar. From the video above, you can see it through the application of the material in the form of white marble on the table while pairing it with the wooden table wall which is also painted white. The white stool bar emits a flash of light on the metal surface which will complement the feminine look of the minibar.

The mini bar table also doubles as a kitchen island which can also be used as a dining area for those who like a casual atmosphere. In addition, this way you can still separate the food preparation area from the dining table.

Not only that, the table can be connected to the cupboard next to it as additional storage space. Some mini bar designs that have special storage cabinets are usually used to maintain the quality of the drinks that are stored. You can put the alcohol in the form of small bottles arranged on a table which is equipped with a small freezer to store other drinks such as beer and soft drinks.

Mini Bar Design
Mini Bar Design

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Next to it, you can put some decorations that will further enhance the appearance of the minibar kitchen. Warmth can be presented in your mini bar by placing green plants in pots, be it real or imitation.

Hopefully inspire.

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