Stone pillar for Contemporary design

Display pillar made of stone is very sturdy and strong . Usually the model homes with mast of this kind of stone motif found in a large house and broad . While the use of stone pillar itself on the interior or exterior can be optimized, depending on the layout of the house as a whole.

artistic home using stone pillar

Each pillar that uses stone as decoration does have a lot of unique , one of which , as already mentioned above . With natural colors , stone shapes are varied , you can make various kinds of stone pillar with a variety of sizes , ranging from small , medium , and large stone pillar .

best home interior with stone pillar

home design with stone pillar

For applications outside the house , stone pillar usually common in the home patio or garage . This is because the shape is natural and easy to make at some locations the room . If you want to build a stone pillar with a large enough size , must be in accordance with the concept of the pillar itself.

modern stone pillar design

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