101+ Sophisticated Living Room Modern Cool Carpet & Rug with Music and More Ideas

A home usually requires equipment and decor in order to appear attractive. Such as area rugs, is usually used as a cushion. There many shape and the carpet pattern. Materials and price also varies, like a Stylish Leather Carpets And you will be surprised with the carpet below.

Recently designer Florian Kräutli Switzerland has been offering products that are very interesting and original. A carpet combined with the radio. If seen, the carpet looks like regular carpet with a modern design. Carpet with a white color can be a decoration in each your room.

Carpets featuring hi-tech radio combining weaving with thread made of conductive and able to alter the human body into an antenna. This carpet takes radio waves, the body receives and makes them hearable.

To change the radio frequency you have to walk on the carpet or sitting on it. Really creative ideas from a designer.

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