Shopping for a New Bed? Consider a Family Bed

In simple terms, a family bed is a bed that a family of any size can use to share the sleeping space. Manufacturers design the bed to accommodate every member of the family. This bed has a super-sized mattress. Most of the enormous mattresses used in these beds are new in the industry. Some of these mattresses have a width of 144 inches, which is almost two times the width of the traditional king-size beds.

Most families that have this kind of bed enjoy sleeping together. Parents, children, or even pets can all share sleeping space on a family bed. Those who do not have experience with this bed are usually curious about the concept of this bed.

Most of the time, when we buy any bed, we consider the size of the bed. So, before purchasing a bed for the entire family, talk with the family first, your partner. Then look for a size that will accommodate every member of the family.

The Main Reasons You Should Purchase a Family Bed

Now let us dive deep into some of the significant reasons you might want to own a bed that you can share with the entire family. For those of us who care most about how well our families sleep, the following should make us want to buy a super-sized bed:

Better Sleep for the Entire Family

Imagine a family with an infant sleeping in different rooms or beds. In such a case, the parent must get up and down many times throughout the night. The parent must take care of the infant’s needs and get the infant back to sleep. Then the parent must go back to the adult room and sleep. In such a cycle, every family member gets up and becomes anxious before the parent completes her responsibilities. Sometimes it gets hard to go back to deep sleep.

The parent can nurse the infant in a big bed without waking up fully. Then the infant and the mother can quickly go back into a restorative, deep sleep. Since they are close to each other, night feedings and taking care of the baby are less likely to wake up other family members.

Sharing a sleeping space as a family enhances a positive attitude toward sleep. Hence, bedtime becomes a pleasant and relaxing experience that young children and babies look forward to.
It is rare to find a battle of will when it is time to get ready to sleep in a family that sleeps together. Naturally, infants wake up several times before dawn and may have trouble going back to deep sleep. But if the infant gets snuggled up next to dad and mom, they get back to sleep without much struggle.

A big bed can help young children with anxiety issues. They feel more secure while sleeping close to dad and mom. Closeness to parents can help children cope with stress and natural fears.

The Intimacy of the Family

Sleeping on one bed as a family increases the bonding between the mother and baby. Ease in breastfeeding and closeness between the two creates a sense of comfort for the baby. Also, the mother feels comfortable and sleeps better. The proximity of the family at night allows the father to be near the kids. So, he can help with infant or child needs and establish a physical bond with the children.

After a long day, when the family gets together at night, it helps to strengthen the bonds between them.

Health Benefits for the Babies

Sleeping with an infant helps regulate the infant’s breathing and body temperature. So, most doulas and lactation consultants encourage parents to sleep together with their babies. If the baby was born premature or has health issues, sleeping together can help the baby health-wise. Sleeping together helps infants sleep faster, leading to better sleep for every family member. Remember, good sleep is a crucial factor for good health. Hence, having a good, deep sleep as a family promotes good health for every family member.

One of the traditional treatments for a baby failing to gain weight was to hold the baby close to the mom’s skin. Some mothers slept with the baby snuggled against them, skin-to-skin, nursing the baby throughout the night. Today, scientists are undertaking infant sleep studies at various institutions across the globe. Some studies have yielded positive results. They have backed the health benefits of babies sleeping together with other family members.

Maintaining Traditional Human Behavior

Sleeping together as a family is not a modern invention. Most of our ancestors slept together for centuries. The culture of children sleeping in their rooms began within the last century or so in many industrialized nations. Some people have not abandoned their culture. They still share a bed as a family.

The Bottom Line

Sharing the sleeping space as a family has vast advantages. So, we should cherish this practice with our family members. If you have a baby who wakes up at night or does not sleep well, I encourage you to embrace sharing your sleeping space with the baby.

It is a fantastic experience to share sleeping space with family members in this modern age. Before purchasing the bed for your family, consider the bed’s cost, firmness, and size.

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