The Most Stunning & Unique Underground House in The Hills Switzerland

Often people fascinated with the land where there is beautiful scenery. And from there comes the desire to build a house on the land. But, what if a person could dream of and fascinated by the beautiful hilly land, they could build their home in the hills? And the answer is yes.

Switzerland is a country largely composed of the Alps region and there are many beautiful hills. And believe it or not some work to realize their dream to build a luxury house underground. Located in the vals, Switzerland, this house was built in one part of a hill that provides views of the hills.

The underground home, hear the word imagine a building that is under ground, like a cave, narrow space with poor lighting. Living in the underground sounds really strange. In fact, if designed properly, all the goodness and benefits of ordinary houses and modern on the ground can also be obtained at a residence which is almost entirely enclosed in the subsurface.

Collaboration between Dutch architect on SEARCH and Christian Muller Architects, producing underground house design is amazing. Underground house is located in the Swiss village of  vals, is in the midst of a group of mountain homes and if you don’t look carefully you might miss it. The most striking of these is the stone house is a magnificent view of the Alps through the hole, the width of the ellipse on the hillside, revealing a spacious entertaining area outside the main entrance leading to the house.

Houses incredible underground caves that are similar but wide open, dark but luminous, and relief, an expression of a unique architectural form of residence structures buried in the hills in the mountains of Switzerland. Instead of wrapping around the outer part of the house, the exterior facade of this house into the surrounding and facing in an oval-shaped courtyard.

From inside, the facade is creating incredible views of green hills and mountains surrounding a distant white there. This space also provides privacy and security in the home and garden area in front of the next room also provides incredible view when compared with other ordinary underground home.

This house was built with stone and concrete, feels solid and secure inside and outside. Entrance from the nearest warehouse to bring residents and guests through underground channels, providing an alternative entrance into the house. Circular opening in the mountains allows for many windows, so that illuminate the entire interior with natural light that frames a stunning mountain views. Wood accents not only displays more natural elements but also creates a colorful texture, as a counterweight shades of gray from the main building.

The rooms are large and airy with skylight window in the den. The bedroom has a beautiful window seat and custom built wooden furniture and beds.  All home decor is done under the soft earth earthy, pastel colors and all colors mixed in to disguise the natural surroundings. The best part of this house is a luxurious page complete with hot tub, spot lights for security and lounge chairs for sunbathing.

These underground houses not only display unusual shapes and contemporary, but also design strategies and construction techniques as well as decor-minded forward.

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