Put the gravel in Your home and Garden

If you have a garden with a fairly wide area, it will look more beautiful if given some decoration to beautify the garden. Gravel is a natural accessories for this purpose. Here are available various kinds of gravel, ranging in size, color, and shape.

Best gravel size for garden
Natural garden with gravel

However, the most suitable if you want to put gravel on the garden, it is good to choose natural colored gravel, such as black or white. This is of course due to several factors, such as would seem more natural and able to absorb water when it rains.

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How to put gravel
Various gravel size
Simple gravel for garden

From some of the most frequent locations of gravel usually is given in the middle of the garden, which is the road that connects the main door garden plants with locations in it. For the width of the road is usually not need to be too large, which is important when you are comfortable enough to pass through.

Best gravel for garden home
Modern garden with gravel