Office Interior Inspiration Design

Office interior design with minimalist nuances that has modern style looks so charm and beautiful with color palette along with the effect of an integrated harmoniously in neutral color of the room. Modern minimalist office interior design that feels comfortable, with an interior design that is comfortable and clean office will certainly provide motivation to work. Moreover, if the design is in accordance with your wishes, imagine if you have an office that is so comfortable to feel like work at home. And to add information and to share inspiration design that we present inspiring interior design modern minimalist office which is so beautiful, charming and cozy.

The interior design is modern minimalist office that we present this is the work of UXUS design, a design consultant in the Netherlands which are renovating the interior of the office of a historic building in the heart of Amsterdam. Office space to apply this open concept seemed so incredible conducive to think imaginatively. With comfort will certainly make you and other employees can easily generate brilliant ideas.

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The furniture and decor are integrated so harmoniously with neutral colors that give the impression of the room becomes more spacious. Interior lighting in the office can be fulfilled with the installation of some light at various angles and lighting center, which is more interesting is the lighting ornate decoration that use bold colors. The orange color that contrasts, but can be integrated harmoniously with neutral colors that dominate the room so that adds more vibrant shades.

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Office is the second place for you to work and spend time outside the home, because that’s the most employees create an office atmosphere like their own home. Because by making the interior comfortable office to the employees will certainly make them more motivation to work.