Modern and Traditional Home Architecture Ideas

Modern and Traditional Home Architecture – Besides the location, consider the style or design model of the house turned out to be important when you are choosing a home to purchase. Design model of the house turned out not only be artistic appeal, but also has extensive functionality and more detailed.

In the development of the current architecture there are two home models which are often used as a reference architecture that is traditional (classical) and modern. Both architectures are limited in the time and thought that developed at that time.

Modern Architecture

Modern architecture emerge due to advances in technology that make humans tend to choose something that is economical, easy, and nice. It was marked by the mid 20th century.

Characteristics of modern architecture is essentially rejecting the old-style (traditional architecture) and simplifying the building so that the format becomes unnecessary detail.

In the modern architecture of the building is more focused on the concept of form, space, function, and construction. The concept of architecture, best home architecture, best design architecture, best modern home design, best modern houses, traditional house design, home architec, in the form shown by the geometrical forms are characterized by the use of reinforced concrete construction, steel and building materials are lightweight.

Modern House
The concept of space in modern architecture is identical to cubism. In addition, the concept of space must be efficient and flexible.

The combination of form, space, and construction that is what ultimately realize the functions of the house to the man of today. Where the house functions analogous to a machine for a place to stay that is inexpensive, easy to use and easy maintenance in such matters.

Traditional Architecture

While in the traditional or classic architecture has strength in terms of building materials and ornaments that serve as the identity of a region.

The first traditional architecture has to understand the nature of the environment. We described basically the first thing, the thought which states that human life in general will be in contact with the environment.

The second basic thing is more emphasis on the preservation of places that can provide special features or characters that can be architectural identity.

Traditional HouseDespite modern architecture having an exciting breakthrough opportunities compared to traditional architecture, it does not mean the traditional architecture depleted prestige in the trend of residential property.

In the midst of a modern minimalist style house on the property market, there are still property developers who build housing style house classics such as Classical Outdoor Home Design with amazing Architecture and Home Design Inspiration with Traditional Contemporary & Minimalist Modern.