Minimalist in the city

Being in the middle of the city often take our creativity to arrange a room in the house. This is because the room is usually not too broad, so we should be able to adjust the position of the room, such as furniture, living room, family room, and some things needed for our house still looks good even in the midst of the city.

Min House 11
There is another alternative you can use, especially if you have a house that is in a location like this, such as building a house in accordance with needs, such as two stage  house, so it will be more optimal because you land is limited.

Min House 12

Min House

Min House 2

Min House 7
To stay looking stylish, you can also use some blend colors on your home building. You can choose the colors are bright, and attractive that will provide even more comfortable atmosphere in the house. Besides optimizing the existing area of the room, you also should be able to put a position some furniture in it, for example, by utilizing some corner of the room you have.

To do this kind of creativity is needed. It’s a little too hard to do. But it would not hurt you to try. In order for your home look spacious, you can select some furniture that is not too big in size. For example, to form a chair, you can choose a simple but can be used for the entire family.

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