Making room Decor with bamboo

Bamboo is a plant that is multi-functional. With its straight and long, bamboo became one ingredient that is often used in the decoration of the room, both interior and exterior. In addition to easily shaped, bamboo is also easily available and cheap.

Decoration using bamboo
Bamboo for decor

Some room decor using bamboo are also quite diverse. The interior of the room, for example. In some examples there, the family room is a favorite to be complementary decor, as some of the other rooms.

Natural decor using the bamboo
Artistic bamboo for decor
Design modern room with bamboo
Good and modern bamboo

Concepts and natural look of a bamboo is the main attraction, where almost all forms generated by the bamboo is very interesting to be enjoyed, especially if the house uses natural or minimalist design.

Bamboo in the bathroom
Bathroom decor with bamboo