Lighting Tips for Gardening Design

The presence of a garden at home is quiet important, because it can provide freshness and coolness environment. With a good arrangement, a garden can also treat and relax our eyes.

So that the garden can also be enjoyed at night, lighting elements need to be considered. Here are some tips on lighting that can beautify your home garden.

Solar Garden Light, Lanterns In Flower Bed. Garden Design

Choose energy-saving outdoor lights

Outdoor lights are designed to withstand hot weather and rain. For example, lamps with an aluminum cover material and has a grade IP65.

Selection of the lamp will be lit throughout the night for lighting the area around the house. Selection of energy-efficient LED lamps are the right choice.

The lights can also be equipped with a sensor system day and night, or use a dimmer system.

Give zoning lines and focus hard scape

LED strip lights or spots can be used as general lighting to emphasize the zoning lines in the park area. Spot lights can illuminate hard scape like sculpture, decorative rocks or walls to present a beautiful focal point in the garden aera.

Give a dramatic impression

Dramatic effects can be presented to illuminate the garden with tall trees by using spotlights. The lamp can be planted around the area under the tree and directed upwards.

Give lighting pool

Swimming in the area of ​​the park can increasingly find their presence by reflecting light brilliance. This can be done by presenting a special lamp that is planted on the area of ​​fish ponds, reflecting pool, or the pool.

Give light on the step track

The light on the track step can be a signpost in the garden area. In addition to security functions, these lights can also increase the aesthetic value that maximize the appearance of your garden.