Lego Theme Interior Decoration Ideas

You must be familiar with the ‘lego’, right? Most of you would ever play lego from your childhood. So, how if that cubic-shape toys which sharpen the brain can adorn some corners of the room in your home? Well, it seems to be very interesting. To be able to make it happen properly, you should see some lego decorating ideas below.

The Wall

Lego Theme Interior Decoration Ideas-1
Lego theme is very easy to apply on the wall of the house. How to? You can apply the paint or wallpaper which are closely related with lego. Even if you really intend to make a Lego-themed room, you can directly attach a wide variety of lego on the wall of the house.

The Bed

Lego Theme Interior Decoration Ideas-2

Not only the walls, Lego-themed decorations can be applied to the bed, either your own bed or your child’s bed. Lego decorations on the bed can be applied to the frame of the bed or sheets. Surely it would be more interesting if you apply on both halves.

The Pillow

Lego Theme Interior Decoration Ideas-3

To complement the bed, it is necessary to cushion, isn’t it? Now, to complete the Lego-themed decor in the house, it will be more interesting if you equip the house with lego pillows. Not only can be stored on the bed, lego pillows can also be saved on the couch in the family room.

The Cabinets

Lego Theme Interior Decoration Ideas-4

Lego-themed cabinets? Certainly it sounds pretty interesting, huh? For one thing, the form and function of any variety. There is such a huge lego, that you can use to store clothes or other objects. There is also a smaller lego, can be used to store your own lego toy collection. Want to have it? Don’t worry, you can find in the market.

The Table

Lego Theme Interior Decoration Ideas-5

The table in some corner of your house, such as a table in the living room or dining table can be equipped with lego decorations. How to make it fairly easy, but it would require quite a long time. You must have the creativity and high accuracy when preparing lego pieces to form an attractive table. Quite unique, right?

The Chair

Lego Theme Interior Decoration Ideas-6

If there is a table, of course, there will be a chair. Can you imagine the chairs made of lego? Just like table lego, you can arrange to make a chair with the lego. For the size, you can adjust the number of lego and it can fit on your desires. For the shape, it can be made based on your creativity. Interested in making this?

The Lamp

Lego Theme Interior Decoration Ideas-7

Another Lego-themed decorations that you can apply at home that is on the lamp. In making decorations of the lamp, you would have to know in advance what kind of light is desired. Once you know it, the next step is to arrange as desired lego and keep the lights on it. Another easier way is to buy lights that have been decorated by lego.

It’s quite interesting to apply the theme of lego in your home, right? Hopefully some decorating ideas above can help you in creating a lego-themed. Lets develop your creative in decoration ideas by exploring our site, Freshouz!