Interior bathroom with Stone motif

Back to nature may be one motivation for some designers to apply it to their daily lives , including the interior of the house . One simple example of this concept can be found in many home interior is made ​​of rocks , such as the bathroom interiors .

artistic bathroom concept with stone design

The concept of the rock and also the interior of a bathroom does have a lot of advantages to be made in such a way , good design is modern, minimalist , and the interior with natural concepts . All concepts certainly have to consider a lot of factors that could are more attractive and elegant to look at.

best modern design for bathroom interior


modification bathroom interior with stone model

If the concept of nature by placing rocks on the interior walls to be one of the best option , of course, be aware of the layout of the room. The area that is available seems to be the main thing to note , because it becomes the key factor of a designer to produce work that is really spectacular .

toilet interior with stone design

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