Install artistic Lamp in wooden roof

The amount of lighting in a room is determined by the type of lamp used. In addition, other factors are also influential, such as the design of the roof itself. In some designs the existing roof, wooden roof seems to be one option to produce the best lighting, natural, and not too bright.

Wooden for roof
Roof made by wood

What form of the wooden roof? In the picture below, there are several models and sizes of wooden roof that you can use to adjust the lighting of a room. In addition, the shape of wooden roof of this kind is also very nice to give the appearance of the interior becomes more attractive.

Wood for roof interior
Artistic and modern roof
Good design for roof
Best and modern roof

But you have to do here is bagaimanan choose the wooden roof, if you want to choose a design that is simple, lavish, or unique. All wooden roof shape is adapted to the layout of the existing space, so it will be achieved interior shape as you wish.

Good roof design and lamp
Simple roof design