ICon Bed – Luxury Bed

Do you include people who are highly addicted to gadgets? And you cann’t leave your iPad, even in bed ever you carry it. Well, look at the products below.

ICon Bed - Luxury Bed Photos
ICon Bed - Luxury Bed Photos

Yes, Hollandia International and global mattress brand Therapedic has announced the worlds first bed designed to work with Apple’s iPad. ICon Bed features a custom headboard with iPad docking station and speaker system.

The bed is designed for people who know how to balance work, rest and play. Do you want to read, work or fall asleep to relaxing music, this bed truly lets you have it all, then fill your iPad while you sleep. Prices for beds start at $ 20,000 iCon so maybe you can take ideas and make your own version of a bed with a built-in docking station iPad.

Do you also want to have it?

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