How to put Photo frame in your interior design

Although it only serves as a complement to the interior, but the presence of photo frame can be one of the factors that affect the beauty of the interior of the house. You are having a lot of family pictures, it would be unfortunate if it is not used to beautify the room. With the combination of frame that is different, it is expected that the room could be more interesting and unique. You can display pictures in black and white or color, according to your wishes. So that photo looks more artistic look, then you can choose a design that has a few frames of different sizes, so that when mounted on the wall will give a unique impression.

good photo frame design

modern photo frame

natural photo frame design

But usually sized for a photo frame should not be too big. This is because your room will look cramped and less comfortable. To treat the condition, then you are advised to choose some frames with a size that is not too big, so the interior of the room still looks clean.

photo frame1

simple photo frame

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