Glass and Metal Elements are materials that you can combine.
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The two elements above will look good together and should be placed in a place that will reflect the state of your home.

How To Put Glass And Metal Elements On Hallways To Inspiration For Newly Married Couples
How To Put Glass And Metal Elements On Hallways To Inspiration For Newly Married Couples

Placing the mirror in the right position will make the space look bigger and brighter so that it will attract positive energy and create the desired serenity. In addition, the use of mirrors in the house can also correct design errors or other decorations in the house that creates negative energy.

Meanwhile, interiors made of metal that you often encounter in various types of buildings use the same materials and characteristics. Usually, this material is combined with other elements such as glass which will create a luxurious and elegant feel in a residence.

But how do you combine the two? And where about we can put the interior of the alloy material above. Well, you don’t need to worry, because you have the solution. In the following, we provide ideas about the proper placement of metal and glass elements.

Watch How To Put Glass and Metal Elements On Hallways to Inspiration for Newly Married Couples Video:

When viewed from the video above, you can put the combination of elements and glass on the hallways. Where you can put the glass on the wall and besides that, you can put a frame containing your wedding photo made of glass and metal alloy and a console table which is also made of a combination of the two materials above.

Putting a mirror in the main room or foyer where the entrance to the house is a good position. Because mirrors are useful for reflecting more light into the house. Even when you are about to go outside the house the mirror is useful to check your final appearance.

While the frame with a touch of luxury will also create uniqueness in the main room. But make sure not to put a mirror or frame made of the two materials above facing the main room door or it will reflect the door’s image. Because this position will actually kick the positive energy back out.

Next is the placement of the console table which is known to be not only good in terms of fashion and interior complements. Another interesting thing about the console table is that it is multifunctional. Apart from functioning as a decorative element to sweeten the room, the console table can also be an ideal storage solution because you can use it to store small items as decorations.

Metal Console Table
Metal Console Table

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For newly married couples, of course, they need a romantic atmosphere that will support their intimacy. Therefore, you can put cute decorations such as decorative lights, photo collections, flower vases, jars, or other collections of decorative items that you want.

Hopefully inspire.

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