How to Place Furniture in a Small Place

Lots of people live in small home, a small room, or just a small space. Some people live in a small apartment because that’s all they can afford, and they are grateful for it. Some people live in a small apartment or home because they are tired of taking care of a larger place and want to “downsize”. Here are some tips:




  • Don’t place any large items of furniture directly in front of you as you step into a room – You don’t want to be greeted by the huge side of a wardrobe when you enter your bedroom.
  • Try to divide the room with furniture. Try dividing eating and sitting areas, in a living / dining room, with tall or low open shelves, decorative folding screens, hanging bead door curtains – or simply use the seating itself – eg. The long side of a sofa. – If the back of your sofa is not very attractive, use a bookshelf, sofa table or ottoman in front of it.
  • Consider the size and scale of your room – and choose the size and scale of the furniture to match. So, in a large room, choose bold or solid pieces – in dark colors or dark woods. Dainty pieces may look like dolls’ house furniture! In a small room, choose smaller pieces of furniture – in pale colors and pale woods.
  • If you are decorating a small space, try transparent furniture – particularly if you like a modern style – tables and chairs in clear plastic or strengthened glass are practical and stylish! They help make the space feel larger, as it appears there is nothing there!
  • Also consider mirrored pieces of furniture – (as long as you are sure you can keep the sticky finger marks off) – they are beautiful in more traditional schemes, and reflect light around the room wonderfully – making your room feel light and spacious.
  • Consider storage, and items which you use frequently, in your furniture arrangement plans. If you use a piece of furniture often – keep in the central focus of your room’s furniture arrangement. Items you don’t need very often can be relegated to far flung corners of your room.

Ultimately it is your home. The room arrangement must make your daily work comfortable and convenient. Have a nice try!

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